TBS9900 Series of Payment Kiosks

The TBS9900 series of payment kiosks allow users to complete transactions for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing with coins, bills, and major credit cards, via swipe or chip as well as NFC technology which includes HID, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet, as well as other forms of NFC technology. The TBS99000 is a top-quality, reliable unit with complete metering, a high-security lock, and the ability to operate in pulse or serial modes. The TBS 9900 can be equipped with an MBD card reader. Pay for prints, copies, scans, and faxes through one user interface. Works seamlessly with a wide range of leading manufacturers. To verify compatibility with your printer and/or copier manufacturer, reach out to your TBS Sales Representative.

Credit Card Features

  • Customers can now use major credit cards via swipe or chip, NFC technology, HID, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, as well as Student ID, and Library Card.
  • Affordable micro-transaction fee.
  • PCI compliant, alleviating any privacy or security concerns.

Our towers allow you to set a different cost per cash copy at each controlled copier. Card accepting units also allow you to set a separate stored value debit card cost at each unit. Two price accepting lines are available to charge additional amounts for special features such as alternate paper sizes or color and black and white.

Special Features

In addition to standard pulse operation, TBS Towers are capable of serial communication with most network printing software. This will allow a multi-function device to serve as both a glass top copier and a network printer. Card accepting units can also be used as add value stations, allowing users to transfer coin or bill currency onto a stored value card right at the tower.

Multi-Access Vending

TBS towers control access to the usage of photocopiers, microfilm print readers, network printing, and a variety of other equipment. Our modular design allows for easy configuration as a:

  • Coin only reader
  • Coin and bill reader
  • Coin and card reader
  • Coin, card, and bill reader
  • Optional credit card reader

These units are always upgradable to add additional functionalities.

2022 MLA MultiYear
2022 9900 kiosks


  • Allows for any combination of coin, bill, and card vending
  • Programmable cash and card costs.
  • Allows for money to be inserted ‘upfront’ for uninterrupted operation
  • Advanced locking system
  • Bypass mode available with the use of key
  • Can interface with any MBD Card Reader
  • Adds value to cards
  • Controls access to MFD’s (Copy, Print, and fax functions), Microfiche, and related equipment
  • Integrates with Print Management software (call for listing)
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with a tamper-proof T-bar door lock
  • Allows users to insert multiple coins/bills and then make copies or print jobs until a value is depleted
  • Programmable cash cost per copy ($0.01 to $9.99)
  • UL-CSA Approved

Coin Only Features

  • Accepts U.S. nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar coins (Canadian, Mexican, or international coin changer available)
  • Self-replenishing change tubes
  • High capacity changer (optional)
  • Provides change in $1 coins (optional)

Bill Acceptor Features

  • Accepts U.S. 1, 2, 5, 10 & 20 dollar bills
  • Optional Bill Recycler, provides change back in dollar bills

Card Reader Features

  • Stored value debit card readers
  • Credit Card readers (Readers are optional and may be added at time of purchase or in the future.)
  • TBS 9900 Auditing
  • Electronic auditing through display or RS-232 Port (PC or Printer)


  • 9900 Stand (Floor stand as photographed)
  • CAB-XX Copier Cable
  • FL1—front load housing hosting copiers

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