• Print Release No Longer Tied to a PC
  • Secure, Intuitive Touch Screen Print Release
  • Saves Valuable Floor Space
  • Control Copy and Print within the Same Device
  • Features the Core Functionality of PaperCut
  • Supports Multiple Authentication Methods (Card, Username/Password, & ID Number/Code)
  • MFP Manufacturer Independent

When connected to a printer or copier, the CPad network terminal provides access control and identification by card or login. This next-generation device, with its modern and clean design, is an attractive addition to your printing and copying environment.

The Daily Advantages of the CPad

  • Replaces your release station PC – regaining that asset PC for customer use, while maximizing valuable floor space
  • Rapid identification using the barcode/RFID badge reader and ergonomic keyboard
  • A personalized interface for the identified user
  • Simple to use secure print release
  • Compatible with most printers and copiers on the market

How the CPad Works

The CPad brings all of PaperCut’s core functionality to output devices including  –

  • Secure Print Release
  • PaperCut’s “Find Me” Printing (release jobs from your queue at any printer)
  • Charging to Shared Departments/Accounts

CPad works by locking the printer or copier until the user has been identified by PaperCut.

Users interact with the CPad via a rich 7” high-resolution touch screen offering an intuitive interface. Printing and copying are tracked and reported to the PaperCut central server in real-time.

For secure print release, users are presented with an on-screen list of print jobs and may release their jobs with one touch.

User Interface

  • Intuitive touch screen interface quickly starts upon user identification.
  • Users can select the print job, print all, cancel job, and job detail options for documents in their release queue.
  • Users’ account balances before and after each operation are displayed on the CPad.
  • The CPad manages, prints, and copies on a single interface.
  • The CPad’s interface can be customized to display the logos and colors of your organization.


  • High Resolution 7″ Color Touch Screen
  • Real-time Responsive Touch Interface
  • Built-in Dual Port Ethernet 10/100 Base-T Hub
  • Dual USB Ports for Card Readers and Other Supported Hardware
  • External Power Supply
  • True 2.6 Linux Operating System
  • 128 MB Flash Disk, 64 MB RAM
  • Multiple USB Card Readers Supported
  • Cable Locking Cover Reduces Risk of Disconnection
  • Optional Stand

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