• Print Release No Longer Tied to a PC
  • Secure, Intuitive Touch Screen Print Release
  • Saves Valuable Floor Space
  • Control Copy and Print within the Same Device
  • Features the Core Functionality of PaperCut
  • Supports Multiple Authentication Methods (Card, Username/Password, & ID Number/Code)
  • MFP Manufacturer Independent

When connected to a printer or copier, the CPad network terminal provides access control and identification by card or login. This next generation device, with its modern and clean design, is an attractive addition to your printing and copying environment.

The Daily Advantages of the CPad

  • Replaces your release station PC– regaining that asset PC for customer use, while maximizing valuable floor space
  • Rapid identification using the barcode/RFID badge reader and ergonomic keyboard
  • A personalized interface for the identified user
  • Simple to use secure print release
  • Compatible with most printers and copiers on the market

How the CPad Works

The CPad brings all of PaperCut’s core functionality to output devices including  –

  • Secure Print Release
  • PaperCut’s “Find Me” Printing (release jobs from your queue at any printer)
  • Charging to Shared Departments/Accounts

CPad works by locking the printer or copier until the user has been identified by PaperCut.

Users interact with the CPad via a rich 7” high resolution touch screen offering an intuitive interface. Printing and copying is tracked and reported to the PaperCut central server in real time.

For secure print release, users are presented with an onscreen list of print jobs and may release their jobs with one touch.

User Interface

  • Intuitive touch screen interface quickly starts upon user identification.
  • Users can select the print job, print all, cancel job and job detail options for documents in their release queue.
  • Users’ account balance before and after each operation are displayed on the CPad.
  • The CPad manages, prints and copies on a single interface.
  • The CPad’s interface can be customized to display the logos and colors of your organization.


  • High Resolution 7″” Color Touch Screen
  • Real-time Responsive Touch Interface
  • Built-in Dual Port Ethernet 10/100 Base-T Hub
  • Dual USB Ports for Card Readers and Other Supported Hardware
  • External Power Supply
  • True 2.6 Linux Operating System
  • 128 MB Flash Disk, 64 MB RAM
  • Multiple USB Card Readers Supported
  • Cable Locking Cover Reduces Risk of Disconnection
  • Optional Stand (as photographed)

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