TBS Provides the Ultimate All-In-One Cashless Solution

The TBS Payment Kiosks with Credit Cards are universally certified and designed to empower automatic/unattended machine operators with the latest technology and clearing solutions. Operators no longer need to concern themselves with the management or security of merchant or cellular accounts. The monitoring of these accounts and data security are included as part of this all in one cashless solution. This solution includes an online interface. Our software receives all the data from the cashless device and helps your staff manage and monitor every aspect of the operation. A key feature of the TBS Payment Kiosks with Credit Cards is the ability to centrally manage all your multifunction devices from one application. Business managers enjoy reliable data without having to rely on information provided by other personnel. One person can oversee a multitude of TBS9900 Payment Kiosks at a glance with drill-down capability for more detailed information. This means fewer resources are required to manage these devices.

Plug & Play

The TBS cashless payment solution is easy to install, simple to use, and compatible with all automated machine standards.

TBS takes care of all software updates remotely to ensure that your devices benefit from the latest technology and are up to date with payment standards and requirements. With TBS cashless systems, you can take advantage of our vast global experience and have your unattended machines up and running in no time.

  • Real-time updates and monitoring.
  • Once the hardware is installed, everything can be remotely managed through your network – software updates, management, unit preparation, etc.
  • Built-in SIM immediately connects to the network

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